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AIAA/Ulyssix Technologies Webinar: PCM Processing - Bit Recognition, Fram Synchronization, Decommuta

This 90-minute Webinar exposes the attendee to the methods used to receive serial PCM data and perform clock recovery and bit recognition in varying environments. The discussion will continue with the methods to frame align the data and then decommutate the PCM stream back to the original parameter words including a discussion for advanced frame and word decommutation techniques. Finally, different methods of real-time analysis of the decommutated words will be discussed with examples shown from user real data PCM streams. Learning Objectives Obtain a basic understanding of Pulse Code Modulation techniques for sending and receiving different sampled sensor serial data Methods to recover the

Altair 18.9

Altair 18.9 Change Log: First release of ALTAIR 64-bit. Additional code for new DAQ16 cPCI card. Added support for Bald Eagle RF Diversity Combiner. Licensed Features: Fix for LQ Tester on dual channel Ulyssix PCM card. Bug Fixes: Fixes for issue with SubComm parameters with the Archive Export in HDF5 / Matlab 7.3 format. Fixes for issue with extra entries in Bit Sync Setup window Input Impedance. Fixes for time stamp issue with Status Parameters (BLOCK, FLOCK, SFLOCK, TLOCK). Fixes for Bald Eagle DAC. #LQTester #Windows64bit #ParameterExport