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Altair 18.11

Altair 18.11 Change Log: Improved threading for better UDP transmitting. Added TMATS Import to the File Menu. This feature will configure the Ulyssix PCM cards from a TMATS file. Improved error checking for the user supplied settings for a Decom Parameter. Bald Eagle RF FFT window uses a box car average of eight samples. UDP Receiver added shortcut button for Ethernet loopback address. UDP Receiver added button to clear the counters. Licensed Features: Ch10 - Added variable bits per word table to the TMATS configuration. Ch10 - Now will parse the variable bits per word table from a TMATS Import file. Ch10 - Improved performance for scanning a Ch10 file before playback. Bug Fixes: Error chec

Altair 18.10

Altair 18.10 Change Log: Re-brand BaldEagle to TarsusGen3. Improved performance of BaldEagleRF GUI. BaldEagleRF GUI standard setup mode that reduces the number of required controls. Improvements for DAC setup GUI. Improved layout for Eye Pattern display. Licensed Features: Ch10 TMATS added a Group D/C for each Altair decom parameter. Ch10 UDP option of Throughput Aligned. This is Ch10 Throughput Mode packet types but the Frame Sync stays on. ThroughputAligned mode uses Frame Synced data in Throughput Mode packets. Ability to save the TMATS setup to a text file. Bug Fixes: Fix for time stamp issue in Ch10 UDP. Fix for Ch10 TMATS scan default values. Diagnostic bug fix for TarsusGen3 and Tars

Tarsus3-PCIe or -cPCI

Introducing the re-branding of the Bald Eagle-cPCI to the Tarsus3-PCIe or -cPCI ULYSSIX’S 3rd GENERATION PCM PROCESSOR CARD Now Available in: PCIe and cPCI/PXI 3U (100 mm x 160 mm) form factor Backward compatible to TarsusHS and TarsusPCM format files created in ALTAIR, TARSUSPCM and DEWESoft Software Suites Single or Dual Bit Sync / Frame Sync / Decommutator / IRIG Time Code Reader / PCM Simulator UDP Chapter 10 transport to existing software suites such as IADS Complete RF to Bits solution with the Bald Eagle RF daughter card #BaldEagle #TarsusGen3