Altair 18.13

Altair 18.13 Change Log: Archive Simulator - added option to play back Binary Packed and Binary Unpacked files. Binary Packed is a binary file with out any time stamping where the PCM bits are packed without any padding between minor frames. Binary Unpacked is a binary file with out any time stamping where the PCM bits in a minor frames are padded with zeros to fill an integer number of 32-bit integers. Re-branded BaldEagle to Tarsus3. BaldEagleRF communication arbitration. Updated error codes for BaldEagleRF communication. #Altair #BaldEagleRF #Simulator

Altair 18.12

Altair 18.12 Change Log: Strip Chart - added option to plot data as equally spaced samples instead of using time stamps for the X-axis. This feature is used for Burst Data or Asynchronous Embedded data that is not time synchronous. Hardware Status RF Power is now box car averaged and displayed to two decimal points. New Bald Eagle RF Receiver GUI. Receiver Waveform Data display data can be copied to the clipboard. This data can be pasted and plotted in programs like Excel or MatLab. New error checking for Bald Eagle RF communication. #Altair #StripChart #BaldEagleRF

FPGA 79 Rev L

Improved FM/SOQPSK by removing input decimation filters. Improved FM transmission algorithm by putting in transmitter sine calibration. Improved BPSK demodulation algorithm. Created SOQPSK constellation display. Added transmitter 2 rebroadcast of transmitter one at any freq and freq band Greatly improved FM Eb/N0. Continue improving overall FPGA79 timing in TimeQuest. Added software diversity combiner flipping receiver paths. Improve analog bitsync AGC offset algorithm for synchronization to using A/D clock input. Tested with new Rev F kernal driver for "Ulyssix Card" recognition in Device Manager. Must use pcm_hw.dll version 18.12 or higher and kernal driver Rev F 12/10/18.


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