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Altair 19.1

Altair 19.1 Change Log: Archive Data Export added optional Offset Time. The Offset Time allows a user to specify a time to subtract from all data time stamps. This is used for setting the beginning of the test event to time equals zero. Added option to hide many of the controls to make the window smaller for Scope Form, BitSync Wave Form, and Receiver Wave Form. Added Sub Frame Synchronizer to Asynchronous Embedded Frame Sync. This allows for asynchronous frames with a sub frame counter and sub commutated words. Added the option to build the Asynchronous Embedded Frame using Random or Random Normal commutated words. Added LookUp Form display. This new display decodes the value of the dec

Altair 19.0

Altair 19.0 Change Log: Added TMATS Export to File menu to save a TMATS file with the current settings for the Ulyssix PCM hardware. Frame Dump now has the option to display the raw binary with one minor frame per line. Improvements in shutting down Altair software. Decom GUI updates the bits in the variable bits per word table as the user types instead of when the cursor leaves the control. Added suggestions for Decom Parameters. Asks user not to use SubComm with frame interval of one and Random orRandom Normal with only word entry. Licensed Features: Ch10 - added PCM Unpacked mode for Ch10 file recording and UDP transmit. Ch10 - allow for multiple PCM streams per Ch10 file or Ch10 UDP. Ch

FlashBurn 19.1

FlashBurn 19.1 Change Log: Added auto restart for the Tarsus3 and BaldEagle FPGA. #FlashBurn #Tarsus3 #BaldEagleRF