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UDP Publisher Plug-In Release 19.0

UDP Publisher Plug-In 19.0 Change Log: Added support for DeweSoft X3 64-bit Improved UDP Multicast addressing Improved maximum data throughput for UDP Parameter Publish #DEWESoft #UDP #Decom #Parameter #Ulyssix #PlugIn #TAD #Windows64bit

Altair 19.3

Altair 19.3 Change Log: New feature to have up to eight display windows for multi-monitor support. Each display window uses a Display Page. Added cursor and cursor position for Strip Charts when the data is Paused or when in Analyze Mode. Improvements in data scrolling in Analyze Mode. Improvements in Analyze Mode file processing speed. New Altair option to start Altair minimized with the window position and size of the last launch. New Altair option to select a default XML configuration file to use on every launch of Altair. Licensed Features: Bug Fixes: Fixed Strip Chart not filling plot with data at extremely low data rates. Fixed Strip Chart Time Axis when changing Bit Sync Bit Rate. Fi