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FlashBurn 19.6

FlashBurn 19.6 Change Log: Change in the PassKey algorithm to be compliant with NIST FIPS.

Altair 19.8

Altair 19.8 Change Log: Updated software Tarsus3-02 cards to allow Frame Sync 2 to have a clock and data input (TTL only). Updated software to read back clock rate for clock and data TTL input on Frame Sync 2 in the Tarsus3-02 card. Licensed Features: Bug Fixes: Add code to prevent users from entering non-numeric characters into the Simulator Bit Rate entry field. #Tarsus3 #TTL #ClockandData

FlashBurn 19.4

FlashBurn 19.4 Change Log: Updated to pcm_hw.dll 19.4 for support of additional licensed features for the Syrinx3. #Syrinx3

Altair 19.7

Altair 19.7 Change Log: Licensed Features: Bug Fixes: Bug fixes for the Syrinx3 #Syrinx3

Altair 19.6

Altair 19.6 Change Log: Updates for Hallux3 Beta Updates for Syrinx3 Demux Beta Licensed Features: Bug Fixes: #Hallux3 #Syrinx3

UDP Publisher Plug-In 19.3

UDP Publisher Plug-In 19.3 Change Log: Allow DeweSoft Parameters from GPS to be published via UDP. #Ulyssix #DEWESoft #UDP #PlugIn