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This 3rd generation demodulator board is powered by a INTEL Arria V FPGA where the FPGA firmware is user reconfigurable using Ulyssix supplied FlashBurn software. Ulyssix setup software comes with the card for ease in setup, storage and recall of previous configurations. 

Syrinx3™ Demux System

The Syrinx3 Demux Digital Demultiplexer System is a DSP based FM demultiplexer system designed around the Syrinx3 Dual FM Demodulator card.  The system can support from two to twelve FM channels in a single 3U chassis.  An optional Hallux3 DAQ12 card digitizes the down-converted signals and outputs a digital PCM stream for digital re-transmission or storage. An optional Hallux3 ModCal twelve channel calibration card can be added to the system for a complete telemetry FM solution.

Hallux3™ Mod Cal

The Hallux3 ModCal is a twelve channel FM Modulator and Calibrator.  DSP implemented FM Modulators and Multiplexing for use with legacy FM Demodulator System.  FM Calibrator with programmable dwell and step count.

GryphonFM™ Series

Single, Dual or Quad Demultiplexing unit utilizing the Syrinx3 board. Running a Ulyssix embedded operating system with LCD display and integrated keypad. 19 inch rackmount 2U chassis configuration with dual capacitive touch screens and user upgrade capability.

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