Re-Aquisition Bit Loss Analyzers



Data Link Analyzer w/ Optional Eb/N0 Calibrated Noise Source

  • Data link analyzer test set with calibrated noise source

  • Performs precise bit error rate calculations w/ or w/o noise or jitter

  • 2U Rackmount Chassis with two capacitive touch screens.

  • C/S/L/P/IF Band Receiver FM/SOQPSK

  • C/S/L/P/IF Band Single Channel Modulating RF Signal Generator  

  • Future FPGA firmware updates for BPSK/QPSK/AUQPSK

  • Precisely measures round trip link latency

  • Print out detailed Waterfall Diagram of results

  • Controlled via dual capacitive touch screen displays or remotely through Ethernet

  • Use prestored PRN patterns, programmable PCM simulator, or archived data files as PCM source

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