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Altair 17.9 Release

August 15, 2017

Altair 17.9 Change Log:

  • Moved Software Decom from the Data Thread to its own thread.  Separates data integrity from decom processing.

  • Added default parameters for Bit Sync Lock, Frame Sync Status, Sub Frame Sync Status, SFID Count, and Time Status to every configuration file.

  • Decom word bit size used to calculate the size for Range and Limit if set to auto.

  • Asynchronous Embedded beta code development.

  • Re-wrote Lamp display GUI for easier setup.

  • Added Health form to display the size of the data queues.

  • Added toolbar icon for Parameter Export feature.

  • Removed limit for max samples in decom parameter queue.

  • Strip Chart and Scope Chart order data by time tag when not in live data mode.

Licensed Features:

  • Chapter 10 - modified to work with Chapter 10 PCM throughput mode files with 10-bit words.

  • Chapter 10 - added "None" to Chapter !0 PCM Record Mode combo box.  Allows recording of TAD without recording Chapter 10 file.

  • Chapter 10 - fixed reading start date for older Wideband TMATS implementation.

  • Chapter 10 - code to handle when a Chapter 10 packet is broke into multiple UDP packets.

  • UDP - Added toolbar icons for UDP Transmitter and UDP Receiver.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for Chapter 10 Archive software frame sync queue size getting too large.

  • Fix for Simulator function calculation of Sine and Triangle waves for greater than 16-bit parameters.  Values were integers and needed to longs.

  • Removed Crystal Reports variables from Frame Dump.

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