Single, Dual, or Tri-Band Single Slot Multi-Mode PCI Receiver


The TalonRF-PCI™ Digital Receiver is a multi-mode board that has a frequency range of S, Upper-L, Lower-L bands including GPS L1. The card can be configured to Single, Dual or a Tri-band configuration upon ordering. The IF data bandwidth is software programmable from 1 kHz up to 36 MHz. Am and Level AGC test points are available for antenna tracking on BNC outputs along with 70 MHz downconverter output.


The Ulyssix™ supplied Windows application software allows the user to setup of multiple cards. The FPGA based demodulator allows for rapid enhancements and customization. The demodulator is capable of demodulating FM, FSK, PM, BPSK, QPSK, AUQPSK and SOQPSK. Analog reconstructed data is available on BNC connectors for easy user access.



  • Frequency range of S, Upper-L and Lower-L bands including GPS L1

  • IF Data Bandwidth programmable from 1 kHz to 36 MHz

  • Single Dual or Tri-Band configurations available

  • Full Demodulator design using all DSP filter algorithms in FPGA technology for maximum performance capability.



  • Includes FM, FSK, PM and BPSK standard with optional QPSK, AUQPSK and SOQPSK

  • FPGA based architecture allowing for rapid enhancements and customization



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