Dual Channel 33 Mbps Bit Sync/Frame Sync/Frame Archiver /IRIG Time Code Reader


The TarsusHS-PCI-02™ Processor Board is a multi-mode board that contains two fully independent DSP implemented digital bit synchronizers from 1 bps to 33 Mbps with corresponding Frame Synchronizers and dual PCM output encoder capability per input. The bit syncs accept all of the IRIG 106-01 code types and has Eb/N0 rejection of better than 1 dB to the theoretical BER published curve. The input AGC accepts inputs from 75 mVpp to 10 Vpp


The Ulyssix™ supplied Windows application software allows the user to setup each channel with easy to use GUI interface and gives indicators for loop lock, frame lock, subframe lock, AGC strength as well as soft scope outputs for the AGC data, eye pattern lock representation as well as a full frame dump display. The output of the frame synchronizer also can be dumped to the host computer hard drive for archivial and data reduction applications.

Optional features include a Dual Decom and PCM Simulator Output.

Bit Synchronizer Features

  • Full Bit Sync design using all DSP filter algorithms in FPGA technology for maximum performance capability.

  • Accepts IRIG PCM code types including: NRZ-L/M/S, RNRZ-L, RZ, Bi-P L/M/S, DM-M/S

  • Less than 1 dB theoretical bit sync BER performance

  • Internal IRIG time code reader for time codes A, B, and G

  • Bit Sync programmable input rates from 1 bps up to 32 Mbps for NRZ-L/M/S, RNRZ-L, RZ and 1 bps to 16 Mbps for other code types

  • Second PCM encoder output has external selectable input for use with decryptor interfaces

Frame Synchronizer Features

  • Supports all IRIG Class II 16 to 33 bit frame synchronizer patterns

  • User programmable sync search/check/lock output display strategies

  • Minor frame lengths up to 224 bits with up to 1024 subframes

  • Programmable number of frame sync bit slips and allowable sync bit errors

  • User friendly Windows GUI based software for full setup of bit sync and frame sync formats and frame archiver



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