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ALTAIR Data and Math Processes

  • Fifth Order Polynomial Scaling

    • Available ALTAIR Decom Parameter setup

  • Standard Data Processing Libraries

    • Conditional Logic

    • Count Up Timer

    • FIR Filters

    • Statistics – Min, Max, Average, Median, Sum, Peak, Amplitude, Variance, or Standard Deviation

  • C# Function GUI Editor

    • Built in source code editor with syntax highlighting

    • Access to all standard .NET libraries

    • Code is pre-compiled fast execution

  • Custom Data Process DLL

    • Use Visual Studio and the Ulyssix ALTAIR Data Process Framework to build custom Data Processes

    • Ulyssix provides documentation and an example C# Project

    • Requires Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.0 or higher. Contact Ulyssix with any questions

  • Formula Calculator

    • Enter a formula using a GUI calculator

    • Formulas are pre-compiled for fast execution

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