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ALTAIR Software Suite

Ulyssix's 3rd generation GUI rich software suite which allows the user to setup quickly and begin processing data for all Ulyssix active telemetry cards. Vivid displays are fully customizable to allow the user to view decom data in a multitude of forms. Setup screens for the individual hardware components (bit sync, frame sync, decom, etc.) and easy to use and versatile.


Ulyssix supplies the ALTAIR software suite for no charge with all purchases of Ulyssix hardware. Ulyssix offers comprehensive extended warranties for all software and firmware upgrades to allow users to utilize all current capabilities in its products. Contact Ulyssix at for added this capability to your current products.


ALTAIR Version 22.25 (Nov 30, 2022) - Contact Ulyssix for maintenance contract details.

ALTAIR 32-bit or 64-bit Versions


Driver Rev H Release July 16, 2019:

The Rev F driver version or later is required for the Tarsus3-PCIe card.

* The New Ulyssix driver must be installed prior to download ALTAIR version 16.x or greater.

Win10 64-bit Driver | Win7 64-bit DriverWin7 32-bit Driver


Software Installation Instructions* If upgrading from 2.9.x.x, you must select the appropriate OS driver to install the new Ulyssix driver instead of the Jungo driver

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