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Bald Eagle RF cPCI board

Bald Eagle RF-cPCI

Dual Multi-Mode Receivers with Diversity Combiner and Single PCM Modulating Multi-Mode RF Signal Generators

The Bald Eagle RF is a mezzanine card that mounts to the Tarsus3 mother card. The Bald Eagle RF is comprised of two independent multi-mode complex down-converters and two independent multi-mode up-converters that cover the RF bands of C-Band, S-Band, Upper-L Band, Lower-L Band, P-Band extended, P-Band and 70MHz IF. Each receiver input and RF generator output have a very broad dynamic range. The Bald Eagle RF high speed digitizes the complex down converted output and sends the digital data to the Tarsus3 mother card INTEL Arria V GZ FPGA. Demodulation, diversity combining and then PCM processing (bit sync/frame sync/decommutation) is performed and then available for processing in real-time and/or stored for post mission analysis.


The Bald Eagle RF daughter board uses state of the art RF to DSP implemented integrated circuits for RF signal processing and digitizing. The complex digital high speed output is transferred to the Tarsus3 mother card through a high speed shielded LVDS differential connector. The RF signal generator data is also transferred up to the Bald Eagle RF daughter card through the same connector for assurance of data fidelity.


  • Dual channel frequency range of C-Band (4400-5250MHz),S-Band (2185-2485 MHz), Upper-L Band (1700-1850 MHz),
    Lower-L Band (1420-1590 MHz), P-Band Extended (500-1250 MHz), P-Band (200-500 MHz), 70Mhz IF

  • Single Channel PCM modulated RF Signal Generators for simulation or BER testing at same frequencies, as stated above

  • RF detection performed with direct complex downconversion to DC and digitizing using single integrated IC

  • DSP implemented IF data bandwidth filtering from 1 kHz to40 MHz continuous

  • 50 kHz input frequency tuning resolution

  • AM and DC level AGC test points available for antenna and/or receiver tracking

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