DEWESoft Software Suite

Real-Time and Post playback Analysis Software Suite


The DEWESoft Suite is designed to work with any of the Tarsus family of products in a Windows based environment. The DEWESoft Suite is ideal for a Real-Time displays and Post Playback Analysis application. Capable of bring together on the screen/record high speed video, GPS, PCM parameters, 1553, raw analog data and extensive real time math processing channels. With user friendly controls giving the ability to setup hardware and create complex graphical displays with ease. DEWESoft can record all mission data digitally to hard drive for post processing.

DEWESoft gives the ability to broadcast all channel data across the ethernet using the Net option to View Client users. These View Clients have the ability to make custom screens displaying exactly what they need to see and then able to record the data locally or on the measurement unit. For more information about DEWESoft, please visit their web site



  • Ideal for Real-Time high resolution displays with full mission recording capabilities

  • Allows for fully post processing of data including off line math analysis, time correlated replay displays, data exporter and report generator

  • User friendly setup and post analysis controls for all levels of users

  • Sequencer for automating setup and execution progresses




  • Offers all major arithmetic, logic, algebra, IIR FIR FFR automated filtering and measure functions processing

  • GPS interface used for position location, velocity determination and precise timing information

  • Self diagnostic tools to help user through setup and analysis

  • Ethernet option for sending real time data to remote locals



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