Gryphon FM™ Series

  • Single, Dual, or Quad Demultiplexing unit utilizing the Tarsus3 board

  • Running a Ulyssix embedded operating system with LCD display and integrated keypad

  • 19 inch rackmount 2U chassis configuration with dual capacitive touch screens and user upgrade capability

Hallux3™ Mod Cal

  • Twelve channel FM Modulator and Calibrator

  • DSP implemented FM Modulators and Multiplexing for use with legacy FM Demodulator System

  • FM Calibrator with programmable dwell and step count

Syrinx3™ Demux System

  • Digital Demultiplexer System is a DSP based FM demultiplexer system designed around the Syrinx3 Dual FM Demodulator card

  • Two to twelve FM channels in a single 3U chassis

  • Optional Hallux3 DAQ12 card digitizes the down-converted signals and outputs a digital PCM stream for digital re-transmission or storage

  • Optional Hallux3 ModCal twelve channel calibration card can be added to the system for a complete telemetry FM solution


  • 3rd generation demodulator board powered by a INTEL Arria V FPGA

  • FPGA firmware is user reconfigurable using Ulyssix supplied FlashBurn software

  • Ulyssix ALTAIR Software Suite comes with the card for ease in setup, storage and recall of previous configurations



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