RF Receiver and Data Link Analyzer for Eb/N0 Measurements


Continuing with the Ulyssix™ style of innovation, the GryphonRF™ is a first of its kind. A RF Receiver, RF Transmitter, and Data Link Analyzer complete with noise, jitter, latency, and re-sync test modes all the while providing precise bit error rate calculations. The GryphonRF™ saves the operator time, by allowing manual or automatic test operation.


Analyze a system’s ability to recover from a variety of common signal interference.  Inject FM jitter to a PCM stream to simulate a common phenomenon seen when playing data off of tapes. Re-Sync Mode, measure how long a system takes to recover lock upon loss. Measure round trip link delay of a system in Latency Mode.


The GryphonRF™ combines the versatility of a PCM simulator with a RF Transmitter. This pairing provides the user with an unmatched level of precision. The ease of use in the BaldEagleRF™ is not lost in the GryphonRF™. The user has the ability of selecting from pre-stored data patterns, the fully programmable PCM simulator, or playing a previously archived Tarsus Archive Data file.


The GryphonRF™ system is controlled via the dual capability touch screen displays or through Ethernet connection to a host computer. The GryphonRF™ main graphic display allows for easy setup of test parameters and real-time viewing of test results. View and print complete test reports from the host computer.


As with all the Ulyssix™ products, all Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) firmware upgrades to the internal Tarsus3 are done via the GryphonRF™ internal software interface via the USB port.


Data Link Features

  • Fully programmable PCM simulator or prestored patterns

  • Bit rates programmable from 1 bps to 40 Mbps

  • Supports all IRIG code types (NRZ-L/M/S, BiP-L/M/S, RNRZ-L, RZ)

  • Large Graphic Display for data entry or real-time viewing of test results

  • Easy to use front panel keypad for data entry

  • Composite output level programmable from 0.1Vpp to 5Vpp in 0.1V increments


Test Features

  • C/S/L/P/IF Band Receiver FM/SOQPSK

  • C/S/L/P/IF Band Single Channel Modulating RF Signal Generator

  • Simulate FM Jitter commonly seen on PCM tape playback

  • Latency test provides readback of round trip link delay

  • Resync test shows bits from loss of sync to re-acquisition