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Latency/Quality Tester

Link Delay and Bit Error Rate Tester


The Tarsus3™ and BaldEagle RF™ hardware/software provides an optional feature which provides precise measurements of bit sync performance with a known data pattern, as well as a full round-trip link delay calculation. Utilizing the long established Tarsus3™ and BaldEagle RF™ Bit Sync/Frame Sync/Decom/PCM Simulator/IRIG time code reader, the LQ Tester is able to transmit a prestored pseudo-randomized pattern, or a user defined simulated pattern to the unit under test. The received signal is then compared to the original to provide a precise Bit Error Rate or a Round-trip Latency calculation. All IRIG standard codetypes are supported. Transmitter and receiver operate independently. Bit rates programmable up to 33 Mbps (16.5 Mbps BiP).


For current Tarsus PCM™, Tarsus3™, and BaldEagle RF™ users, no additional hardware is needed to gain all of this capability. With the addition of a license file, the ALTAIR Software Suite provides all tools necessary to receive real, quantitative measurements in no time. With this utility there is no longer a need for an external data link analyzer in the lab.


Quality Tester

  • Precise Bit Error Rate calculations

  • Prestored pseudo-random patterns

  • Programmable PCM Simulator setup

  • Independent transmitter and receiver

  • Selectable sampling interval

  • All IRIG codetypes supported

  • Up to eight analog inputs per card 


Latency Tester

  • Measure accurate round-trip link delay

  • Single or average run mode

  • Average delay calculated

  • All IRIG codetypes supported

  • Prestored pseudo-random patterns


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