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Defense and Aerospace Test & Telemetry Summit 2016 Announced!

At the International Telemetry Conference, Ulyssix President Glenn Rosenthal announced the Defense and Aerospace Test & Telemetry (DATT) Summit 2016: “Proud of the Past – Planning for the Future."

Scheduled for late April 2016, The DATT Summit is a brand new conference that will be located in the Northern Virginia area, which combines the test community and the telemetry marketplace.

This summit is unique in that it will combine two vendor marketplaces that supply product to the same customer base for the first time. Additionally, it will join both the Defense and Aerospace markets as the target audience, which will attract both commercial and government customer attendees.

The DATT Summit will employ a professional conference planning staff that will bring years of experience and a passion for trade shows and meetings. This staff will ensure that the event is marketed and executed in a professional manner, creating a positive space for the test and telemetry marketplace. The DATT Summit promises to invigorate the marketplace to create a modern product that will expand both the vendor and attendee participation.

To learn more, go to and sign up to show your interest in participation. You may also download the DATT Summit presentation, here.

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