ALTAIR 16.2 Release

ALTAIR 16.2 Change Log:

  • First Official ALTAIR Release.

  • New installer.

  • New toolbar and icons.

  • Changed default file locations to C:\ProgramData\Ulyssix\Altair due to Windows 10 restrictions.

  • Added Versions window to the Help menu to list versions of all ALTAIR DLL files.

  • Archive Simulator performance increase.

  • Added ALTAIR XML Import. This creates a new ALTAIR XML setup file from an existing ALTAIR XML setup file. It has many uses including: copying one card setups to multiple cards, creating a two channel setup from a one channel setup, creating an XML setup for a new model from an XML setup from an older model.

  • Added DeweSoft D7S / DXS import. This feature creates an ALTAIR XML setup file from a DeweSoft D7S or DXS file by coping the Bit Sync, Frame Sync, Decom, and Simulator settings from DeweSoft setup file.

Licensed Features:

  • Chapter 10 Licensed Feature Beta Release.

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