Altair 16.3 Release

Altair 16.3 Change Log:

  • UDP TAD Receiver release. This feature uses UDP TAD packets as a data source for the Altair decom and displays. Allows software only remote decommutation and analysis of the telemetry stream.

  • All DLLs moved to .NET 4.0. This version of .NET is compatible across Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10.

  • Added minor frame time stamp to the data that the Decom Engine stores for each parameter sample. This value identifies which minor frame each sample is from.

  • LQ Tester error checking to verify that the Tx and Rx Bit Rates are the same.

  • Added Crystal Reports 2008 to install package. Crystal Reports is used for the Reports feature in Altair.

  • Upgrades to the Altair XML setup file for cross card compatibility. Each XML file now includes Simulator and LQ Tester elements even if the card does not have these features. Legacy XML files have these elements added when they are opened.

Licensed Features:

  • UDP TAD Publisher Licensed Feature official release. This publishes UDP packets with time stamped minor frame data.

  • CVSD Audio Licensed Feature official release. This plays either CVSD encoded audio or raw audio embedded in the telemetry stream. Requires a sound card and speakers.

  • UDP Parameter Publisher beta release. User selected decom parameters are published in UDP packets.

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