Atlair 17.0 Release

Altair 17.0 Change Log:

  • PCM External input controls moved from Decom Setup to Frame Sync setup for all Ulyssix PCM card models.

  • Added Simulator Loopback to the Input Controls on the Frame Sync Setup. This selection loops data and clock from the simulator into the frame sync internally on the card. No BNC cables or pigtail are needed.

  • Added Frame Lock Statistics feature. This feature has counts the number of correct frame sync patters and sub frame IDs. It is used as a rough evaluation of signal quality.

  • Archive Simulator performance improvements.

Licensed Features:

  • UDP Parameter Publisher official release.

  • UDP Parameter Publisher packet format changes to match the Ulyssix UDP Publisher Plug-In for DeweSoft. The identical packet format is used by both software suites.

  • Chapter 10 Licensed Feature beta testing development updates.

  • CVSD Audio added control for the user to change the audio filters.

  • Changed UDP Broadcast to allows IP address in form of x.x.x.x. Previously, UDP Broadcast IP address was limited to x.x.x.255.

  • Added CRC Licensed Feature to the second channel of TarsusHS-02 and BaldEagle-02 cards.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fix in the Block Size control on the Decom Setup form.

  • Bug fix in Decom Setup for Variable Bits per Word table auto calculating the total bits when either the Word Count or Word Size controls change.

  • Bug fix for determining Bit Rate when External Input is selected and External Input bit rate differs from the setting in the Bit Sync Setup.

  • Bug fix for Archiving data on the second channel of TarsusHS-02 and BaldEagle-02 cards.

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