Altair 17.4 Release

Altair 17.4 Change Log:

  • Added zoom for Time Domain plot in all Waveform Frequency/Time Domain windows.

  • Added window stretch/shrink for all Waveform Frequency/Time Domain windows.

  • Improved layout for Card Info window. Added right click menu to copy Card Info window for documenation and use in email.

  • Simulator channels now have user defined channel names. This allows the user to match the decom parameter names to the simulator channel names.

  • Prevent LQ Tester and Bit Sync Waveform Frequency/Time Domain window from being open at the same time due to hardware resource sharing.

  • Removed software block of Decom Word 0. Now Decom Word 0 is always the Frame Sync Pattern, regardless its size in bits.

  • Bald Eagle Storage Official Release.

Licensed Features:

  • Real-Time Simulator Beta Release. This feature allows the user to change the value of Simulator channels in real time.

  • UDP TAD Publisher added check boxes for easy application of UDP Loopback and UDP Multicast modes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fix casting of decom parameter that is an unsigned 32-bit integer.

  • Bug fix for LQ Tester for the Bald Eagle family of cards.

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