Altair 17.12 Release

Altair 17.12 Change Log:

  • Added monitoring of Chapter 10, Chapter 10 Software Frame Sync, and UDP Receiver queues to Health Form GUI.

  • UDP transmitter code switched from thread to task to reduce RAM and CPU resource usage.

Licensed Features:

  • Chapter 10 - threaded parsing Chapter 10 file for Archive Playback.

  • Chapter 10 - UDP receiver added feature to save the incoming Chapter 10 packets to file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for using licensing to only display one Demod in Hardware Explorer for SyrinxTurbo single demodulator.

  • Fix for closing Chapter 10 data queues to prevent memory leak.

  • Fix for older Intel processor not handing time as a double. Changed variable from double to unsigned long.

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