Altair 18.1

Altair 18.1 Change Log:

  • Improved Data Processes for applying math functions to telemetry data. There are three kinds of Data Processes: Formulas, C# Code, and .NET DLLs.

  • Data Process editor with syntax highlighting.

  • Includes Data Processes for Right Bitwise Shift, Polynomial Scaling, and Box Car Average.

  • Created SDK for developing data processes as compiled .NET DLL.

  • Improved Digital Meter display to allow multiple parameters per Digital Meter.

  • Digital Meters now have option for displaying parameters as fixed decimal point numbers. Needed for Data Processes (Math functions) that include division of an integer.

  • Parameter Export added export file types of MatLab MAT V7.3 and HDF5.

  • Improved Software Decom algorithm.

  • Improved support for Double Precision Floating Point numbers (64-bit).

  • Beta support for Ulyssix DAQ16 card.

Licensed Features:

  • Added IRIG 218-10 Telemetry over IP (TMoIP) Licensed Feature.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues with saving Scope Display with parameter using FFT.

  • Single Precision Floating Pointer numbers (32-bit) in Strip Chart and Scope Chart displays.

  • Fixed order of Recent Files menu.

  • SyrinxTurbo Demod Wavefrom display FFT X-axis values.

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