Altair 18.7

Altair 18.7 Change Log:

  • Improved support for PCM streams with extremely long series of the same bit value.

  • Added virtual PCM simulator, which feeds simulated PCM data directly to the software decom. Allows for decom development on any computer running Altair. No hardware needed.

  • Changed how zoom buttons on Strip Charts function to prevent accidental zooming.

  • Replaced Microsoft DirectX dynamic link library with a library that compiles in 64-bit.

  • Improved display snap to ease alignment of displays.

  • Displays can be resized from all four sides and all four corners.

  • Display multi-select via the Shift key and mouse lasso.

  • Copy and Paste of selected displays.

Licensed Features:

  • LQ Tester - added Cumulative Bit Error Rate that tracks total bit error rate over the entire test time.

Bug Fixes:

  • Update Status Words from hardware when frame sync is lost (Bit Sync Lock, Frame Sync Lock, SubFrame Lock, etc).

  • Casting changes for future 64-bit compile.

  • Fixed issue with creating a blank text box.

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