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Tarsus3-PCIe Release

Ulyssix has released the 3U half length (100mm x 160mm) Tarsus3-PCIe 1x PCM processing card which has the identical capabilities of the cPCI configuration. This product is Ulyssix's 3rd generation PCM processing card that includes bit synchronizers & frame synchronizers up to 40 Mbps, PCM decommunation, PCM simulator and IRIG Time Code Reader. The card can be configured in either single channel or dual channel configuration. The PCM simulator can produce a PCM stream from one of three techniques: fixed major frame user setup configuration, the Ulyssix .tad open source archive frame data or PCM Chapter 10 files. The Bald Eagle-RF daughter card mates directly to the back of the Tarsus3 PCIe or cPCI card giving a full telemetry ground station in two slots of a 3U computer chassis.

#BaldEagle #PCIe #PCM #telemetry

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