Altair 18.10

Altair 18.10 Change Log:

  • Re-brand BaldEagle to TarsusGen3.

  • Improved performance of BaldEagleRF GUI.

  • BaldEagleRF GUI standard setup mode that reduces the number of required controls.

  • Improvements for DAC setup GUI.

  • Improved layout for Eye Pattern display.

Licensed Features:

  • Ch10 TMATS added a Group D/C for each Altair decom parameter.

  • Ch10 UDP option of Throughput Aligned. This is Ch10 Throughput Mode packet types but the Frame Sync stays on. ThroughputAligned mode uses Frame Synced data in Throughput Mode packets.

  • Ability to save the TMATS setup to a text file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for time stamp issue in Ch10 UDP.

  • Fix for Ch10 TMATS scan default values.

  • Diagnostic bug fix for TarsusGen3 and TarsusHS.

  • Bug fix for Lamp Display setup.

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