Altair 18.11

Altair 18.11 Change Log:

  • Improved threading for better UDP transmitting.

  • Added TMATS Import to the File Menu. This feature will configure the Ulyssix PCM cards from a TMATS file.

  • Improved error checking for the user supplied settings for a Decom Parameter.

  • Bald Eagle RF FFT window uses a box car average of eight samples.

  • UDP Receiver added shortcut button for Ethernet loopback address.

  • UDP Receiver added button to clear the counters.

Licensed Features:

  • Ch10 - Added variable bits per word table to the TMATS configuration.

  • Ch10 - Now will parse the variable bits per word table from a TMATS Import file.

  • Ch10 - Improved performance for scanning a Ch10 file before playback.

Bug Fixes:

  • Error checking to prevent adding a Decom Parameter with a word number greater than the number of words in a minor frame.

  • Error checking to ensure that the incoming UDP packet is large enough to be processed.

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