FPGA 79 Rev L

  1. Improved FM/SOQPSK by removing input decimation filters.

  2. Improved FM transmission algorithm by putting in transmitter sine calibration.

  3. Improved BPSK demodulation algorithm.

  4. Created SOQPSK constellation display.

  5. Added transmitter 2 rebroadcast of transmitter one at any freq and freq band

  6. Greatly improved FM Eb/N0.

  7. Continue improving overall FPGA79 timing in TimeQuest.

  8. Added software diversity combiner flipping receiver paths.

  9. Improve analog bitsync AGC offset algorithm for synchronization to using A/D clock input.

  10. Tested with new Rev F kernal driver for "Ulyssix Card" recognition in Device Manager.

  11. Must use pcm_hw.dll version 18.12 or higher and kernal driver Rev F 12/10/18.