Altair 19.1

Altair 19.1 Change Log:

  • Archive Data Export added optional Offset Time. The Offset Time allows a user to specify a time to subtract from all data time stamps. This is used for setting the beginning of the test event to time equals zero.

  • Added option to hide many of the controls to make the window smaller for Scope Form, BitSync Wave Form, and Receiver Wave Form.

  • Added Sub Frame Synchronizer to Asynchronous Embedded Frame Sync. This allows for asynchronous frames with a sub frame counter and sub commutated words.

  • Added the option to build the Asynchronous Embedded Frame using Random or Random Normal commutated words.

  • Added LookUp Form display. This new display decodes the value of the decom parameter to a string. For example, if the decom word is the FFI then each value could have a name for the stage of the test event.

  • Added new form for TextBox. This replaces the old TextBox which was a modified Meter Form.

Licensed Features:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for Bald Eagle Receiver for Frequency Modulation over 20Mbps.

  • Bug fixes for Tarsus3 DAC for gain and offset settings.

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