Altair 19.3

Altair 19.3 Change Log:

  • New feature to have up to eight display windows for multi-monitor support. Each display window uses a Display Page.

  • Added cursor and cursor position for Strip Charts when the data is Paused or when in Analyze Mode.

  • Improvements in data scrolling in Analyze Mode.

  • Improvements in Analyze Mode file processing speed.

  • New Altair option to start Altair minimized with the window position and size of the last launch.

  • New Altair option to select a default XML configuration file to use on every launch of Altair.

Licensed Features:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Strip Chart not filling plot with data at extremely low data rates.

  • Fixed Strip Chart Time Axis when changing Bit Sync Bit Rate.

  • Fixed Strip Chart Time Axis with PCM Clock and Data Input.

  • Fixed Scope Chart FFT Cursor.

  • Set limit that no parameter can have a data rate slower than the Major Frame Rate.

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