Altair 19.16

Altair 19.16 Change Log:

  • Added window and progress bar for the Rf Calibration for the Bald Eagle RF.

  • Added GUI to setup Async Embedded stream from another Async Embedded stream.

  • Added Async Embedded streams to the Hardware Status table in the Main Form.

  • Added option to record all Async Embedded streams into their own TAD files.

  • Software Frame Sync changes for showing Sync Status, Sub Frame Sync Status, Minor Frame Number, Bit Slips, and Sync errors in the Hardware Status display in the main form.

Licensed Features:

  • Chapter 10 - fixes for SFID location for Packed Mode PCM.

  • Chapter 10 - final fix for changes for order of Time and PCM packets.

Bug Fixes:

  • XyPlot fix for handling errors other than overflow.

  • Bug fix for data acquisition for Eye Pattern, Constellation Plot, and Receiver FFT.

  • Fix for line breaks for Frame Dump for Async Embedded streams.

  • Fix for Bit Sync AGC for low bit rates.

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