Altair 19.19

Altair 19.19 Change Log:

  • Added encrypted License file.

  • Card Info form now shows the Ulyssix card's licensed features.

  • Added Auto Resize option for TextBox, Meter, and Lookup Displays.

  • Added vertical and horizontal text placement option for Lookup Display.

  • Added Show/Hide header row option to Tabular Display.

  • Added Y-axis auto scale for Strip Charts.

  • Modified numerical formatting for strings in Displays for signed 32-bit integers and signed 64-bit integers.

  • Modified the algorithm for Bit Slips in the Software Frame Sync.

Licensed Features:

  • Speed improvement Ch10 Analysis mode.

  • Fixes for Ch10 TMATS parsing of PCM Channel Numbers.

  • Additional parsing methods of TMATS R-Group and P-Group for Heim recorders.

  • Modified code for TMATS parsing based on the order of the tags when there are more than nine channels of one type.

Bug Fixes:​

  • Fixed Decom Polynomial Scaling to use scientific notation.

  • Fixes for 8k Arc Sim FIFO for DeweSoft.

  • Added error checking for Async Embedded that Bits per Minor Frame and Decom Variable Bits per Word values.

  • Fixed bug to allow deleting a single parameter from a Strip Chart.