Altair 20.0

Altair 20.0 Change Log:

  • Added support for the Ulyssix Hallux3 Mod Cal card.

  • Modified Dial display to give the user more options. Allow user to select how much of the dial is drawn. This allows four dials of 90 degrees each to be combined for one full circle.

  • Added simulated RF spectrum to Bald Eagle RF Virtual card.

  • Virtual Card can demonstrate Storage, RS232, and LQ Tester even though these features require a Ulyssix hardware to function.

Licensed Features:

  • LQ Tester added control to the set the Loop Bandwidth for the Bit Sync.

  • Fixed external input for LQ Tester for the second channel in a -02 card.

Bug Fixes:​

  • Fixed offset caused by inverting the Receiver Waveform Time plot.