Altair 20.2

Altair 20.2 Change Log:

  • New Log Display that tracks the value of a parameter and displays the values and time stamps in a grid. The Log Display has two databases: one to track all value and time stamps and a second to track the timestamp when the value changes. Both databases can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into Excel for analysis.

  • Updates to the Data Quality Metric.

  • Improvements for Virtual Card setup.

Licensed Features:

  • Chapter 10 - added new Ch10 UDP Receiver GUI to configure the input stream and direct the packets to a Frame Sync / Decom. The Frame Sync / Decom can be for a Ulyssix PCM Card or a Virtual Card (all software). ALTAIR accepts up to eight PCM Channels from a Ch10 UDP stream.

  • Chapter 10 - add option invert the PCM binary data. This is used to correct when the data polarity is setup incorrectly on the Ch10 source.

  • Chapter 10 - ALTAIR stores a Ch10 UDP Receiver configuration and will load this configuration on boot.

  • Chapter 10 - Added "Data In Search Mode" to the Software Frame Sync. This is used to process lock status and PCM Binary data when the Software Frame Sync is NOT locked.

Bug Fixes:​

  • Fix for issues with the default directory for Archive Recording.

  • Fix for circular buffer resizing in Strip Chart.