Altair 20.4

Altair 20.4 Change Log:

  • BaldEagleRF add Status Words for RF Power and RF AGC in dB.

  • Parameter Window now separates parameters into four categories: Parameter, Status, Async Parameter, and Async Status.

  • Added "Update on Changes Only" to Data Quality Metric.

  • Lamp Display adds "ShowValue" property to turn on/off if the value of the Lamp is displayed.

  • Allow users to edit the name of the Status Parameters (BLOCK, FLOCK, etc).

  • FrameSyncStatistics adds a counter for missed blocks of data from the Ulyssix PCM card.

  • Strip Chart adds two cursors when the chart is paused. The two cursors measure the delta in time and value.

Licensed Features:

  • Chapter 10 - Ch10 UDP Receiver adds a counter for Total UDP Packets and counters for each PCM Channel.

  • Chapter 10 - Ch10 UDP Receiver new feature to save the TMATS from the UDP stream to a text file and view it.

Bug Fixes:​

  • Fixed issue with bad Time Stamp at the startup of a Strip Chart.

  • Fixed issue where Strip Chart Y axis Min and Max and Limits Min and Max were not saved.

  • Fixed the incrementing of the number at the Archive file name (using Over Write Mode = false).