Altair 20.5

Altair 20.5 Change Log:

  • Added a tab display In the Decom Form GUI for the list of Decom parameters. There are four tabs: Parameters, Status, Async Embedded Parameters, and Async Embedded Status.

  • Modified Lamp form to allow the user to turn off the Parameter Name and Value displays. Now the lamp can just be a circular indicator on a transparent background.

  • Moved the stored settings of the Lamp display to the DP file.

  • Added the Parameter Name as a read only property for the displays: Dial, Lamp, and Lookup.

Licensed Features:

  • Modified code to allow IRIG Time Output to switch between Seed Time to Computer Time without having to disable the output between changes.

Bug Fixes:​

  • Fixed issue with ALTAIR locking up when the computer only has a Syrinx3 card. Issue isolated to ALTAIR versions 20.1, 20,2, 20.3, and 20.4.

  • Fixed issue in the LQ Tester GUI with the External Input for Frame Sync 2.

  • In the Parameter Edit GUI, fixed the calculation of the current Binary, Decimal, and Hexadecimal values for word lengths that are not an integer number of nibbles. This corrects the issues where 10-bit words displays 12-bits in binary and three nibbles in hexadecimal.

  • Fixed binary masking of binary and hex values for all displays.

  • Fixed the size of the font for the Dial, Lamp, Log, Lookup, Meter, Textbox, and Time Words display. The GUI displayed the font in the unit of points, but generated the text in units of pixels.

  • Fixed the auto size function of the Lamp, Log, and Meter displays.