Altair 20.9

Altair 20.9 Change Log:

  • Extended the BaldEagleRF C-band upper band edge to 5.25GHz

  • Updates to the BaldEagleRF GUI for better usage of the Advanced Settings Mode.

  • Release of new binary license file that allows Altair to run licensed features in computers that do not have Ulyssix hardware.

Licensed Features:

  • Added BaldEagleRF licensed options.

Bug Fixes:​

  • Bug fix for Simulator output of Ch10 PCM Throughput Mode data where he Ch10 PCM Throughput Mode packet payload ends exactly halfway through a minor frame.

  • Bug fix for Virtual Card Simulator creating simulated PCM data for the Software Decom.

  • Bug fix for PCM Frame Tool where the RF Status words are displayed as PCM Word 1.