Altair 20.12

NOTE - Starting with this release, ALTAIR no longer supports the Windows XP OS.

Please contact Ulyssix if you still need Windows XP support or if you have any questions.

Altair 20.12 Change Log:

  • Improvements in Software FrameSync performance. Specifically for Async Embedded frames that have 32 or fewer bits in the main frame.

  • Improved speed and processing for the exporting of Parameter Channels to CSV file.

  • Dual channel Tarsus3 cards now have the option to send Simulator Data and Clock out of differential connectors.

Licensed Features:

  • Fix for the UART Display for adding and updating Parameter Channels.

  • New NRZL TTL Data and Clock input to the Bald Eagle RF Transmitter.

  • Changes for Viterbi controls in the Bit Sync GUI and the Simulator GUI.

Bug Fixes:​

  • Fix for issue with the CSV file Data Export locking up.

  • Fix for DirectX issues caused by Remote Desktop connection dropping and reconnecting.

  • Fixes for Async Embedded GUIs. Allow minimum StartWord to be 1. Close Async Embedded Decom window on the click of "OK" button.