Altair 21.0

Altair 21.0 Change Log:

  • Re-write of the Strip Chart display for instant zoom in and zoom out.

  • Re-write of the Scope Chart to include a trigger feature.

  • Improvements Archive Playback feature.

  • Separation of Archive Record and Archive Playback features. Allows user to record data while playing back a data file.

  • Archive Playback adds step sizes of 10x and 100x major frames.

  • Archive Playback adds playback speeds of 2x, 4x, and Max.

  • Improvements to Archive Playback GoTo Time feature.

  • Archive Playback Scroll Bar added to the toolbar. Allows user to use the mouse to scroll forwards and backwards in time.

Licensed Features:

  • Allow LQ Tester to use the Ch10 UDP as the data source. Ability to run PN11 patterns via Ch10 UDP.

  • Chapter 10 added option to allow the user to include the C and D Group (parameter data) in TMATS.

  • Chapter 10 added option to allow the user can set the IRIG Time Channel Track number.

  • Chapter 10 added option to allow the user to set the starting PCM Channel Track number. Tracks are numbered sequentially.

Bug Fixes:​

  • Bug fix for TMATS on a single channel Ulyssix PCM card.

  • Bug fix for Chapter 10 recording when the IRIG Time input is unlocked.

  • Bug fix for Chapter 10 when the PCM Channel Number and PCM Track number do not match.

  • Bug fix for Chapter 10 Throughput Align data packing.