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GryphonRF Series Now Available!

The GryphonRF rackmount dual multi-band, multi-mode 2U receiver and PCM decommutator from Ulyssix Technologies is now being delivered to customers. Using the advanced Ulyssix Bald Eagle RF and Tarsus3-PCIe-02, this custom 2U rackmount solution brings the best of both worlds in one easy to use integrated system. Ulyssix combined its proprietary dual channel RF receiver, RF signal generator, and frequency translator with the dual PCM data acquisition and data processing into a single solution. No need to boot a Windows computer or install the Ulyssix ALTAIR suite, the GryphonRF has a dual high-res touchscreen display for ease of use. The GryphonRF uses the latest Intel FPGA technology with user upgradable DSP firmware and system software. If you are looking for a complete RF to Bits solution with optional Ethernet Chapter 10 or UDP broadcasting capability, the GryphonRF has everything you need in one spot, making the job of testing more efficient. For preflight checkout the GryphonRF, using the optional RF signal generator, can perform a complete Eb/N0 BERT analysis of your entire ground station. Visit for more information.

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