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ALTAIR Software Suite

Real-Time Checkout Software Suite

The Ulyssix ALTAIR Software Suite is designed to work with any of the Ulyssix family of products in a Windows based environment. The ALTAIR Software Suite is ideal for a Real-Time Checkout application. With self built in widgets, no compiling is necessary when creating new displays. Giving full frame archiving capability, this software utilizing the Ulyssix hardware can archive the raw frame dump data to a designated hard drive. This archived data can then be played back using the Bald Eagle™ or Tarsus3™ archive simulator for further processing.


Included in the software suite is the Ulyssix FlashBurn, a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) programming tool. This allows the user to update the on board firmware without sending the hardware back to the factory. Easy to follow Setups, self diagnostic tools, and various adaptable displays are just a few attributes that set the ALTAIR Software apart from the rest.

ALTAIR Change Log


  • XML configuration files allow user to save settings for future use

  • Plug-and-Play hardware recognition

  • Fully editable display widgets for custom displays

  • Self diagnostic tools to help user through setup

  • Includes Flash Burn for programming of FPGA



  • Runs under a single executable under the .NET Framework

  • Automated Installation and Setup of Software

  • Free lifetime upgrades available for all Ulyssix Software and Hardware

  • Self diagnostic tools to help user through setup

  • Frame Archiver for recording Frame Synced data to Hard drive


Licensed Optional Features

  • Viterbi Decoder and Forward Error Correcting Option – Provides Viterbi decoding on Bit Sync and Forward Error Correcting on the PCM Simulator.

  • Chapter 10 Option – Receive and transmit Ch10 UDP packets as well as record and replay Ch10 files. Includes playing PCM data and IRIG Time from a Ch10 file out of the PCM Simulator and DAC Output.

  • UDP Publisher Option – Provides UDP streaming of time tagged frame data and/or decom parameters.

  • LQ Tester Option – Provides functionality for the latency and quality of a PCM signal.

  • RS232 (UART) Output Option – Provides the ability to transmit Decom parameter data through 4 RS232 (UART) on-board ports.

  • Real-Time Simulator – Allows the user to change PCM Simulator word values in real-time via slider or numeric entry.

  • IRIG Time Output – Outputs amplitude modulated IRIG-B or NASA 36 time through a BNC connector. Time is set from current computer time, user entered seed time, or from an archive file.

  • CVSD Audio Output Option – provide audio playback through the computer sound card for uncompressed and CVSD audio embedded in the telemetry stream.

  • Cyclic Redundancy Check Option – Uses the CRC error detecting code and a check value word in the frame to verify frame data integrity.

  • Missed Distance Calculator Option – Uses Doppler data to calculate


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