Ulyssix Technologies, Inc.

A Woman-Owned Small Business
5350 Partners Court Suite A. Frederick, Md 21703

Phone: (301)-846-4800
Fax: (301)-846-0686


Ulyssix is dedicated to providing the telemetry market with quality and innovative DSP based board level and integrated products.

Among our board level products are digital bit synchronizers, frame synchronizers, decommutators, PCM simulators. As well as FM demodulators and modulator/calibrators.

Our integrated telemetry systems offer complete solutions for both PCM/FM and FM/FM applications.

All of our products are now listed on GSA pricing. Contact the office for a quote.




ITC 2013 - Thanks for Visiting us!
ITC 2013

If you have any questions about the products you saw at this years ITC, feel free to contact us at any time.

Ulyssix Lawsuit Update

Ulyssix WINS lawsuit against Orbital Network Engineering (ONE); Settlement is enforced against Wyle Labs TDS (Now Smartronix TDS)

For case  1:10-cv-02091-ELH, Judge Hollander of the Federal 4th Circuit Court has entered an ORDER OF FINAL JUDGMENT AND PERMANENT INJUNCTION in favor of Plaintiff Ulyssix Technologies, Inc. against Defendant Orbital Network Engineering in the amount o f $409,948.00; Granted Counts I (Breach of Contract), Count II (Maryland Uniform Trade Secrets Act), Counts VII-Counts IX (Copyright Infringements) with PERMANENTLY ENJOINING all documents and IP pertaining to the case with the surrender to Ulyssix and CLOSE this case (see Court Order Doc 209). 

On 3/14/2013, the court entered an order to enforce the settlement terms between Ulyssix and Wyle TDS (see Settlement Terms Doc 157-1)