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Ulyssix™ products specialize in Digital Signal Processing, which provides fully customizable DSP algorithms by using the latest technology in Altera field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).


Among our products lies an impressive list of both board level and integrated systems. Ulyssix also offers several integration options for our board level products to fit any applications needs.


We offer board level, chassis and software solutions at Ulyssix, including:



In addition to the extensive product line, Ulyssix offers a multitude of services. Over the years, our expertise in various engineering fields has led Ulyssix™ to be trusted as a valuable engineering resource for many government and commercial programs alike.


Services Offered:


  • Systems Engineering

  • Hardware Design

  • Digital Signal Processing FPGA Design

- Advanced Encoding and Decoding Algorithms

- Advanced Math Processing Software

- Engineering Equipment Integration and Testing

  • Training in our many fields of expertise




Ulyssix values the input of every customer -- if we do not currently have a product or option to meet your needs, please let us know. We are always looking for the next generation of Ulyssix™ products and are happy to field any questions or queries on our services in any area of expertise. Be sure to contact us for more information at 301.846.4800 or

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