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 About Us_ 

Ulyssix logo projected on wall

Ulyssix Technologies, Inc. leads the telemetry and satellite markets by designing and supplying high quality, innovative DSP-based communication products. Since 2000, our staff have focused on creating leading-edge hardware and software solutions while providing stellar customer support. At Ulyssix, we believe the test engineer should be the one who defines the products needed and Ulyssix provides the solution.

Ulyssix prides itself on developing board-level products for the telemetry community. These products can be easily installed into an existing host computer eliminating the need for additional equipment. They also provide high speed access to digitized data from the bus for analysis or storage. Our current product offerings, including Receivers, Bit Syncs/Frame Syncs, PCM Decommutators, Simulators, which includes the ALTAIR Software Suite, and legacy Digital Baseband FM Demodulators which are described on the Products Page. New ideas are being developed every day by focusing on what the customer needs right now and in the future.

Our corporate symbol, the Bald Eagle, represents strength, independence, and an instinctive desire to soar to new heights. The various product families of Ulyssix are named after this magnificent creature.

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