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Latency/Quality Tester

Link Delay and Bit Error Rate Tester

The Tarsus3 and BaldEagle RF hardware/software provides an optional feature which provides precise measurements of bit sync performance with a known data pattern, as well as a full round-trip link delay calculation. Utilizing the long established Tarsus3 and BaldEagle RF Bit Sync/Frame Sync/Decom/PCM Simulator/IRIG time code reader, the LQ Tester is able to transmit a prestored pseudo-randomized pattern, or a user defined simulated pattern to the unit under test. The received signal is then compared to the original to provide a precise Bit Error Rate or a Round-trip Latency calculation. All IRIG standard codetypes are supported. Transmitter and receiver operate independently. Bit rates programmable up to 33 Mbps (16.5 Mbps BiP).


For current Tarsus PCM, Tarsus3, and BaldEagle RF users, no additional hardware is needed to gain all of this capability. With the addition of a license file, the ALTAIR Software Suite provides all tools necessary to receive real, quantitative measurements in no time. With this utility there is no longer a need for an external data link analyzer in the lab.

LQ Tester screen shot

Quality Tester

  • Precise Bit Error Rate calculations

  • Prestored pseudo-random patterns

  • Programmable PCM Simulator setup

  • Independent transmitter and receiver

  • Selectable sampling interval

  • All IRIG codetypes supported

  • Up to eight analog inputs per card

Latency Tester

  • Measure accurate round-trip link delay

  • Single or average run mode

  • Average delay calculated

  • All IRIG codetypes supported

  • Prestored pseudo-random patterns

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