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ALTAIR UDP Publisher

  • The UDP Publisher licensed feature transmits TAD data or Decom Parameters via UDP

    • The UDP Broadcast supports Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast, and Loopback

  • UDP transmitted TAD data can be received by ALTAIR in Standalone Mode on a remote computer

    • The ALTAIR Demo Mode computer can process and display the decommutated data

    • The UDP TAD data is the same raw binary frame transmitted over the air, so there are limited security concerns

    • The ALTAIR Standalone Mode computer uses an ALTAIR configuration file to define the Decom Parameters that it processes

UDP Publisher Display 1
  • UDP Transmitted Decom Parameters

    • ALTAIR decommutates user selected Decom Parameters and packages them into packets

    • The packets follow an open format byte map

    • Ulyssix has an example C# application to receive and process the Decom Parameter packets

UDP Publisher Display 2
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