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ALTAIR Chapter 7

  • Licensed feature for the Ulyssix implementation of the IRIG106 Chapter 7 packet telemetry standard.

  • ALTAIR extracts Chapter 10 streams from a PCM Chapter 7 telemetry stream.

  • The Chapter 10 stream can be saved a file, transmitted via UDP, or decommutated and displayed in ALTAIR.

  • ALTAIR can import the Chapter 10 stream configuration from a TMATS file, or the user can enter the configuration via a GUI.

ALTAIR Ch 7 display 1
  • ALTAIR can filter the packets in Chapter 10 stream before saving to a file or transmitting via UDP.

  • Filtering has many uses including:

    • Reducing the Chapter 10 bandwidth for UDP transfer

    • Only saving the packets required for data analysis

ALTAIR Ch 7 display 2
  • ALTAIR includes a Chapter 7 Monitor that tracks the packets in the Chapter 7 stream as well as the embedded Chapter 10 stream. This tool helps troubleshoot issues with the Chapter 7 stream and the ALTAIR configuration.

ALTAIR Ch 7 display 3
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