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ALTAIR TCP Command and Control

  • The Ulyssix TCP Command and Control is an interface to configure and monitor the status of ALTAIR via a TCP connection.

    • The command set is based on the Unix style command line interface.

    • The command set includes setting up the Ulyssix Cards, acquiring status from the Ulyssix Cards, and transferring files from the client to the remote Ulyssix ALTAIR measurement computer (server).

  • The Ulyssix TCP Command and Control includes the Ulyssix Discovery Protocol.

    • This is a multicast UDP protocol, similar to Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP), that allows a client to query for the IP addresses of all of the Ulyssix ALTAIR measurement computers on the network.

  • The Ulyssix TCP Command and Control works with TCP terminal programs, like PuTTY, and also comes with a software development kit (SDK). The TCP Command and Control SDK includes an open-source C# terminal application, Ulyssix TCP Terminal, and example Python scripts.

  • The Ulyssix TCP Terminal is a C# application using .NET 4.8. It implements the Ulyssix Discovery Protocol to find the IP addresses of Ulyssix ALTAIR measurement computers. It accepts both single command via and scripts. A script is a text file containing one or more commands.

TCP Terminal display
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